Tallinn, 13 January 2020

We are hiring - Chief Data Scientist!

Policy Lab is inviting applications for a postdoctoral research fellow, who will contribute to the development of a novel Industrial Competitiveness Atlas that combines frontier research in economics, advanced data science, data visualization and storytelling in order to foster the transition to green growth. Packaging economic development, environmental and energy consumption data, and extensive research in coherent stories and appealing visuals will make data more relatable and actionable. This will advise scenario analysis and strategy development at the level of specific industries and the whole economies.

We seek to hire a postdoctoral researcher in data science (or equivalent), with extensive experience in working with open and big data, and interest in globalisation, development economics and green growth strategy.

Policy Lab will introduce a new colleague to a global network of world class economists, who are doing some of the most interesting economics research in the world. This, along with the training that will be offered by the EU, will offer numerous opportunities for acquisition of new skills and further career development. Long-term employment will be sought at Policy Lab following the project.

For further details, please send an e-mail to job@policy-lab.eu

Tallinn, 1 July 2019

Policy Lab initiates the development of the Industrial Competitiveness Atlas

Specialisation and trade fuel productivity growth and capitalist economic development. Detailed and regularly updated international trade data is a rich source to detect new rapidly growing new markets and overall dynamism in global markets. The Industrial Competitiveness Atlas integrates the latest achievements in economic research and machine learning in order to generate meaninful insights for development of industrial strategies. With better understanding of global market developments and respective alignment of business strategies, the resources are focussed to development of products and services that can be provided with highest value added, thus increasing value creation and sustainable growth in private sector.

We are grateful to the Norway Grants Green ICT Programme (small grant EU53315) for the support.